Commercial and Personal Photographers

TS Photography are photographers working for the last 22 years in industrial photography, architectural photography and, more recently, fashion photography, erotic photography and fine art photography.

Location and studio photography

We are equally at home on location or in the studio and also has a range of portable studio lighting available for indoor shoots. We also have access to a range of studios including infinity curves for large product shots.

We accept commissions from both advertising/marketing agencies as well as working directly with clients. To discuss your latest photography brief, please contact us.

Traditionally working in film, TS Photography are now almost exclusively working in digital. Images are provided as production-quality 16-bit CMYK TIFF files (including colour balanced with FOGRA39 colour profile for litho printing if required) or, where preferred, down-converted to JPEG. Canon RAW files are also available upon request.

Video production facility

We are also an accomplished video production facility, and have created a wide range of corporate videos from motor racing to double glazing. In addition to broadcast quality high definition camcorders we have the latest offline non-linear editing suite facilities and also digital special effects (sfx) capabilities (3DS Max and Adobe After Effects). Contact us to discuss your video requirements.

LATEST: Now shooting in jaw dropping 4K Ultra HD...four times the resolution of current Blu-Ray HD.

Erotic/Adult photography

TS Photography undertakes commissions for more intimate shoots where discretion is of the essence. These have been both commercial adult photoshoots and also providing a photographer to couples for private photo sessions. We also provide test shoots and showreels for models (both male and female) looking to enter the adult industry.

3D photography

New 3D photography capability...amazing portraits or figure shots with an unusual twist.

"Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography."

George Eastman


We've had our photos 'nicked' by unscrupulous websites just once too often; so we therefore now restrict access to our online portfolio. If you would like to be granted temporary access, please contact us for a password.


We are constantly changing and upgrading our equipment, but our basic location/portable studio kit consists of:


Canon EOS 5D Mk IV
Canon EOS 40D


EF L 50 mm f1.2
EF L 15mm fisheye
EF L 16-35 mm
EF L 24-105 mm
EF L 70-200 mm f2.8
EF L 100-400 mm
Loreo 3D lens


2 x Elinchrom RX600 heads
2 x Elinchrom D-Lite heads
Elinchrom Skyport remote triggers


Sony Z7E HD broadcast quality camcorder
Sony Z1E HD broadcast quality camcorder
Blackmagic 4K Cinema
Digital hard drive/CF recorders
Sony UWP radio mikes
CFL video lighting panels


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